Authorized Drivers

Faculty, staff, or student drivers operating university vehicles must:  

  • Possess a valid driver's license,
  • Have two (2) years driving experience,
  • Successfully complete the Rutgers Defensive Driving Course and must pass an eye examination. 

The university offers the defensive driving course and eye examination through the Department of Emergency Services.  The requirement for completion of the defensive driving course may be waived for occasional drivers who don't transport passengers.

Automobile Insurance Cards

When University vehicles are purchased, leased, or donated, an Automobile Insurance Card must immediately be obtained from the Department of Risk Management & Insurance. University vehicles that are sold, transferred, or removed from service must also be reported to the Department of Risk Management & Insurance to be removed from the insurance schedules.  Vehicles that are not removed from the insurance schedules will continue to be charged insurance premiums. Please contact Patricia LaSasso at 848-932-3200 with questions on Automobile Insurance Cards.

Accident Reporting

Drivers must report an accident to the local authorities in the jurisdiction in which it occurred, if applicable.  If physical damage is sustained to the university vehicle, the driver must also notify their supervisor. 

  • The driver's supervisor must complete and submit the Online Accident Reporting Form at [requires NETID] prior to the end of the shift.
  • If there is damage to the university vehicle, the driver's department must submit at least two repair estimates to the Department of Risk Management & Insurance. Timely reporting of physical damage incidents is required in order to be eligible for payment of repairs. All repairs must be authorized by the Department of Risk Management & Insurance to be eligible for payment. Contact Donna Bahnck at 848-932-3006 or

Reporting Stolen Vehicles

Any University vehicle that has been stolen must immediately be reported to local law enforcement authorities and the Department of Risk Management & Insurance, attention Donna Bahnck at 848-932-3006 or

Car Rentals

All authorized drivers must be listed on the car rental contract.

U. S. and Canada: Collision Insurance (often called Collision Damage Waiver Insurance on the rental contract) must be purchased.  The minimum liability insurance must be purchased if it is not automatically included in the contract.

 International Rentals: All insurance coverages must be purchased.

Privately Owned Vehicles

While operating a privately owned vehicle on university business, employees must carry:

  • A valid driver's license
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Insurance identification card

Privately owned motorcycles cannot be used for university business.

Accident Reporting for Privately Owned Vehicles

The financial loss for damage to a privately owned vehicle used on university business is not reimbursable by the University. However, accidents involving injuries or damages to other persons or property while on university business, must be reported to Risk Management by the driver's supervisor by completing the Online Accident Reporting Form at [requires NETID].

Under no circumstances is the use of privately owned aircraft or the piloting of a privately owned, leased or chartered aircraft by Rutgers faculty, staff, or students permitted while on or in connection to university business.