Reporting Loss of or Damage to University Property

All faculty and staff are charged with the responsibility of assisting in the protection of the funds and property of the university. This requires constant attention to see that doors and windows are locked, cabinets and desks are locked where appropriate, equipment is physically secured, and unauthorized persons in private areas are challenged.

Property Damage from Fire, Windstorm, or Water

In the event of damage to university property caused by fire, windstorm, or water, a STUDENT OR PUBLIC INCIDENT ALERT FORM [PDF] must be used to report such damage. Under certain conditions, losses of this nature are reimbursable from the Department of Risk Management & Insurance.   

Theft of or Vandalism to University Property

Theft of or vandalism to university property should be promptly reported to RUPD and the department's business manager.  The STUDENT OR PUBLIC INCIDENT ALERT FORM [PDF] along with a copy of the police report, a copy of the original invoice, and a copy of the purchase order must be forwarded to the Department of Risk Management & Insurance and any department responsible for replacement or repair.


Damage to university vehicles must be reported on the Online Accident Reporting Form.  More information on reporting damage to university vehicles and repairs can be found on the University Vehicles page.

Lost or Stolen Money

The Department of Risk Management & Insurance will not reimburse any department for theft of petty cash funds.

Portable Equipment

There is no commercial insurance available to cover loss of portable equipment. Risk Management administers self-insurance funds to help replace the unused life of lost equipment and furnishings. Reimbursement is conditional on the department establishing that it has taken reasonable measures to prevent theft such as physically securing desktop computers and other portable equipment, including the use of an inventory control system.  Contact the Department of Risk Management & Insurance for further information.

Employee Personal Property

Employees are responsible for their own personal property at all times.  There is no reimbursement provided by the university for the loss of or damage to an employee's personal effects, including items such as: money, books, decorations, clothing, or other valuable items that are kept in offices, desks, or vehicles, either on campus or while traveling on university business.  Employees are urged to carry a homeowners, auto or tenants policy, or specific property insurance to cover such risk of loss.