Waivers and Informed Consent Forms

There are number of situations where the nature, scope and/or location of university activities requires the utilization of an informed consent waiver.

An informed consent waiver outlines to the participant(s) the risks involved in an activity about to be undertaken. By signing the informed consent waiver, the participant acknowledges the potential risks related to the activity and releases the university from any liability associated with the activity. Waivers for participants under 18 years of age MUST be signed by a parent or legal guardian.   

Informed consent waivers are provided by the Department of Risk Management & Insurance in consultation with the organizer(s) of the proposed activity. Requests for informed consent waivers should be made at least two (2) weeks prior to the planned activity. Informed consent waivers may not be developed and utilized without the express review and approval of the Department of Risk Management & Insurance. 

Examples of situations requiring informed consent waivers:

  • On-campus extracurricular student activities
  • Off-campus field trips or extended travel
  • Events/activities involving higher than normal exposure to risk
  • Events involving group or shared transportation
  • Events involving the public or minors

When in doubt, please contact Risk Management for consultation and advice.

For questions on or assistance in developing informed consent waiver forms for on-campus or off-campus activities, contact Matt Spaventa at 848-932-3008 or spaventa@finance.rutgers.edu.