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The following information is specific to Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) faculty and staff:

The University is pleased to announce Med-IQ has been contracted to provide patient safety and clinical loss prevention web-based learning program. The program has three principal goals:

  • To enhance patient safety
  • To minimize errors and adverse outcomes
  • To reduce the frequency and severity of medical malpractice claims and litigation

Med-IQ’s proactive, customized, and targeted online patient safety education programs give healthcare providers the knowledge and tools to minimize clinical risk, improve patient satisfaction, and maximize patient safety. The Med-IQ online education program is designed to enhance participants’ knowledge of risk management and patient safety to reduce adverse outcomes, prevent medical error and mitigate exposures. Med-IQ provides:

  • An online portal that will host a program unique to RBHS and evolves according the needs of RBHS and its providers. Pre-registration-set up for the all RBHS providers.
  • CME credits are available for faculty
  • ACGME CLER curriculum requirements for residents.
  • Annual reviews detailing participation, analyzing learner assessments, summarizing post-course evaluations.
  • Annual program updates to refresh the curriculum each year with a new assessment and new courses to ensure continued process improvements based on the findings and the success of the previous year(s).
  • Dedicated account management for RBHS.
  • 24/7/365 phone, email, and chat support for RBHS learners.

The successful completion of the course curriculum pathway is mandatory for all residents and fellows, who are required to complete the curriculum pathway mandated for their clinical specialty.


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  • How do I register?
    All eligible faculty, fellows, residents and students are pre-registered.
  • How do I access the Med-IQ Online Learning Management System?
    Med-IQ courses are available on any device with internet access:

    1. Go to
    2. Sign in with your Rutgers email address and the temporary password: elm123 (first-time only)
    3. Click Go to My Courses to be directed to your classroom. You can also access the Clinical Loss Prevention eLearning System portal on the University website located at: Click on "My Apps" and then on "Clinical Loss Prevention -
  • Do I need to use a address?
    Yes. If you do not have one, please contact the Rutgers IST Help Desk at (732) 743-3200.
  • If I have already successfully completed the required course curriculum, am I required to repeat the courses?
    No. But do provide your clinical chairperson with documentation of your successful completion.
  • Are incoming housestaff required to complete the Med-IQ Program requirements?
    Yes. Housestaff may be directed by their Program Director or Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education (GME) to complete specific courses. Therefore, it is prudent for housestaff to confirm their requirements with their respective Associate Dean for GME and Program Director. This is particularly prudent anyone completing their residency or fellowship in a period shorter than three years.
  • Whom do I contact if I require technical assistance?
    Med-IQ Technical Assistance Email:
    Med-IQ Technical Asssistance Telephone: (888) 315-4356
    Healthcare Risk & Claims Management–RBHS: Peggy De Fina, Assistant Director of Healthcare Risk & Claims Management, 973-972-7254 ( or Pete Donnelly, Supervisor, 973-972-2912 (
    RWJMS GME: Michael Kelly, M.D., Associate Dean for GME, 732-235-3380 (

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PEERS Online Incident Reporting System

PEERS is our electronic on-line system for reporting accidents, unanticipated events and near miss occurrences, that might have resulted in injury or damage, which occur in the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School ambulatory care sites.  Faculty, staff, residents and students are encouraged to utilize the reporting system.  The system is intended to identify circumstances in our healthcare system which may benefit from root cause analysis, problem solving, and implementation of mechanisms to improve quality of care and patient safety.



The Short Term Guest Request (PDF) form is designed to assist various RBHS departments inviting guests to the University for educational or scholarly purposes. This includes students of other institutions, scholars, researchers and clinicians pursuing temporary activities at RBHS.

This form is to be completed by the inviting academic or administrative department with the approval of the Department Chair or Office Director, and the School's Dean or pertinent Vice President. All documentation must be forwarded to Healthcare Risk & Claims Management–RBHS, for review and approval.

In meeting this desirable goal of the mutual exchange of knowledge, the inviting department must comply with all RBHS policies and Federal regulations concerning paid and unpaid volunteer positions.  

Short Term Guest status is generally for stays of four weeks or less and may not be used for the following:

  • The employment of any persons in staff positions
  • Paid faculty appointments
  • Any other long-term or permanent member of the RBHS community
  • Visiting researchers (a specific HR-defined paid job classification)
  • Visiting students (an Office of Academic Affairs-defined student classification)

A complete application along with required supporting documentation (see below) is to be forwarded to Healthcare Risk & Claims Management–RBHS. Forms should be sent to Pete Donnelly, Risk Management Supervisor, by either inter-office mail, fax (973-972-7257) or email ( It is recommended that a minimum of 14 days be allowed for review and consideration of any application submitted.

All key information pertaining to the guest's stay at RBHS must be reported by the inviting department to Healthcare Risk & Claims Management–RBHS, including dates of arrival and departure, the location and nature of activities to be performed, etc. 

The completed and approved Short Term Guest Request form will be returned to the requestor and must then be submitted to Public Safety for issuance of a University ID card.

Supporting Documentation

In addition to a completed and signed Short Term Guest Request application, the following documents must accompany the form:

  • Invitation letter from the RBHS inviting department describing the purpose, proposed dates, location and nature of the activities
  • Photocopy of biodata page from applicant's passport (if applicable)
  • Copy of Short Term Guest Agreement, signed by Chairperson/Director of the inviting department and by the visiting guest

RBHS Short Term Guest Request Form (PDF)

RBHS Short Term Guest Agreement (PDF)

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