New Jersey Family Care (NJFC)

Procedures on waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan with New Jersey Family Care (NJFC)

There are several steps to follow with the process of using New Jersey Family Care (NJFC) to waive the Student Insurance Plan at Rutgers University each semester. If you have applied recently or intend to apply soon for NJFC, please be aware of the Rutgers Student Health Insurance waiver deadline and the NJFC application processing time. Open enrollment ends for: Fall 2017--September 15, 2017; Spring 2018--February 2, 2018. We cannot extend the waiver deadline date for the Rutgers Student Health insurance.

If you have your NJFC health insurance card, go to before the deadline to complete the waiver form.

Visit to verify the application procedures and timeline. We were informed by NJFC that the process takes at least 45–60 days after submitting an application. If your application was not approved before the deadline and you do not have other coverage, you will be automatically enrolled after the deadline and will be responsible for the nonrefundable premium. Apply early to NJFC to get enrolled and meet the waiver deadline for the Rutgers Student Health Insurance!

Once you have completed your application with NJFC you will receive a letter from them thanking you for your application and that they have received your information. During the application review, NJFC might contact you for additional information. You should respond as soon as possible to these requests to keep your application moving through the process. NJFC will send you a final letter stating your eligibility and effective date of coverage. The effective date of coverage must show September 1, xxxx to be eligible to waive for the Fall semester, and February 1, xxxx for the Spring semester.

  • If you receive your NJFC letter from the state prior to 5pm on 09/15/17 for Fall 2017 or 5pm on 02/02/18 for Spring 2018 then email a copy of your NJFC letter to, so your waiver can be processed manually.
  • If you receive your NJFC letter from the state between 09/16/17 – 3pm on 11/13/17 for Fall 2017 or 02/03/18 – 3pm on 4/9/18 for Spring 2018, you will file an appeal with a copy of your approval letter to

  • If you receive your health insurance card between 09/16/17 – 3pm on 11/13/17 for Fall 2017 or 02/03/18 – 3pm on 4/9/18 for Spring 2018, you will complete an appeal form at

Please allow 4 business days after you receive the confirmation number for the premium to be removed from the term bill.

If you used the NJFC final letter to waive for one semester, then you must waive online for all subsequent semesters using your health insurance information from the NJFC card. You must waive or enroll each semester before the deadline at

All correspondence to our office regarding the above procedures must be via email to and not by phone. Allow time for processing.