• The Department of Risk Management & Insurance is responsible for managing the complex array of universitywide risk and insurance related matters. Specifically:

    • Assessing the risks and exposures undertaken by students and university units
    • Procuring and maintaining commercial insurance products and services
    • Managing self-insurance programs, including loss prevention and claims administration
    • Functioning as a universitywide resource for risk management and insurance information
  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Department of Risk Management & Insurance website.

    Here you will find information that provides Rutgers students, faculty, and staff with important information and resources for risk management and insurance related issues, including:

    • University Sponsored Student Health Insurance
    • Reporting of Injuries and Property Loss or Damage
    • Automobile Insurance Cards
    • Certificate of Insurance Requirements
    • Waivers and Informed Consent Requirements
    • Contract and Affiliation Agreement Review
    • On-Campus and Off-Campus Student Activities
    • International Travel