International Travel Insurance

Medical Access Abroad

Since accessing medical and emergency assistance can be difficult and expensive while traveling abroad, The Department of Risk Management & Insurance makes available HTH International Travel Health Select Overseas insurance for all student travelers.

Students enrolled in the Rutgers Study Abroad program are automatically covered by HTH.  Other students who are planning to travel overseas and who are not enrolled in Study Abroad must contact the Department of Risk Management & Insurance to enroll in this coverage at a cost of $39.90 per month.  

To enroll, you must complete the HTH Roster Template Form [MS-Excel] and email it to Matt Spaventa along with a check made payable to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey for $39.90 x number of months you will be overseas.  Alternatively, departments can issue a Journal Entry as a form of payment.  The enrollment roster and the payment must be received by Risk Management at least two weeks prior to the trip departure.

  • Covers injury or illness up to $100,000
  • There is a $0 deductible for each injury or illness claimed
  • Cashless transaction if a HTH network provider is utilized for service
  • Nonessential services (e.g. dental cleaning, acne treatments, check-ups, etc.) are not covered

Upon enrollment, participants will receive a confirmation email from HTH along with details to download and print an ID card that can be used to access HTH Worldwide's resources.  Please keep this card on you at all times while abroad (place in wallet, etc.).  For detailed information on the HTH International Travel Health Select Overseas Insurance program, refer to the HTH Brochure [PDF].  You may contact the Department of Risk Management & Insurance with any questions about enrollment or contact HTH Worldwide Inc. at 1-888-350-2002 with questions about coverage.

Emergency Travel Assistance

Additionally, Risk Management has also contracted with International SOS to provide emergency medical and security assistance services to university travelers abroad.  The International SOS membership is provided at no charge to University travelers (on official university business) and an ID card will be provided upon receipt of the HTH registration information.  The ID card can be utilized to access the International SOS website and also for accessing their services abroad.  Please download and print the ID card and keep on you at all times (place in your wallet, etc.).  It is highly recommended that travelers and trip leaders familiarize themselves with the International SOS services and website prior to departure.

International Travel Registration for Graduate Fellows

Prior to departure on international travel, all Graduate Fellows must register through the Faculty/Staff International Travel Registration Site

International Travel Registration for Student Groups

Prior to departure on international travel, all Student Group Trip Leaders are to inform the Department of Risk Management & Insurance.  Contact Bill Troy at 848-932-3015.